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Swiss Narrow Gauge Models in Om and HOm from Bemo (series models not hand built in brass)

(Last Update : 08.01.2019)

Dear Bemo-customer,

In view of my advanced age I do not want to increase my health situation with additional problems due to stress and I have therefore, with a lot of hesitation, decided to stop the sale of such models and transfer this part of my business to the firm MBA Pirovino located in Igis, i.e. in GraubŁnden, the cetrum of the majority of trains reproduced by Bemo.

The owner of the firm, Enrico Pirovino, has a with his wife created a nice store in the neighborhood of Chur for narrow gauge models of Om and HOm scales with a lot of choice. He has even his own production of narrow gauge models in these two scales, produces digitalizations, weathering and assembles all the additional parts often furnished by Bemo separately packed.

I will try to continue to deliver the still open reservations becoming available later during this year.

I would like to thank you sincerely for your support in the many past years and I hope to count for your comprehension and remain sincerely

Rudolf Ritter



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